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Add a User to the Sudoers File in Mac OS X

Adding users to the sudoers requires the usage of vi, which can be fairly confusing if you’re not accustomed to it. For the unfamiliar, we’ll outline the exact key command sequences to edit, insert, and save the file in vi, follow the instructions carefully. Launch Terminal and type the following command: sudo visudo Use the… Continue Reading

How to remove all the histories from repository

To make a git repository fresh like new, follow the steps below: Checkout git checkout –orphan latest_branch Add all the files git add -A Commit the changes git commit -am “commit message” Delete the branch git branch -D master Rename the current branch to master git branch -m master Finally, force update your repository git… Continue Reading

Badge OS User data manipulation programmatically

There are a couple different ways you can interact with the user-related data created by BadgeOS. The first and most obvious is to use the provided helper functions, but if you choose you can also interact with the data directly using the user meta keys referenced below. Functions: badgeos_get_user_achievements() Usage: $args = array( ‘user_id’ =>… Continue Reading

How to make a bootable macOS Sierra USB drive

To make a bootable macOS Sierra USB drive please follow the steps below. Assuming you have already downloaded the OS from app store. Here is what you need to do: Connect the USB drive to your Mac. Using Disk Utility (it is typically found in the Other folder, under Launchpad), format the USB drive as… Continue Reading

Contact form 7 – Javascript API

Contact Form 7 emits a number of Javascript events that bubble up to the document object. In version 4.1 they can be found in contact-form-7/includes/js/scripts.js. If you’re using jQuery you can access those events like this: $(document).on(‘spam.wpcf7’, function () { console.log(‘submit.wpcf7 was triggered!’); }); $(document).on(‘invalid.wpcf7’, function () { console.log(‘invalid.wpcf7 was triggered!’); }); $(document).on(‘mailsent.wpcf7’, function ()… Continue Reading

Sync AMPPS with multiple machines

Here is a roadmap to establish AMPPS with Dropbox: Download and install the latest version of AMPPS. In the Programs folder will include the folder “var” and “www” are created. In the database files already come “var” folder and “www”, all individual files of your website. Create a folder under your Dropbox account “AMPPS” on… Continue Reading